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Nomad airgun pellet

making kit


"Nomad" Pellet making kit!!!

Is my latest and best selling Pellet Maker.

Its Also Cheaper and quicker To use...


Includes The Multi Pellet Mould
***No Vice Needed***
(Now With Quick Pellet Release)

Please Note

Due to high demand,

 I have changed the way Orders are made...

Now no money is paid until

your order is ready to be made...

Worldwide Shipping


.30 cal Nomad Kit...

Now available...

(only available as Single Nomad Kit...)

Take a look at my 

You Tube Channel

for other things I make...


Available as a single or double kit...

The kit consists of :-

multi pellet mould + swager

It still  produces the same great pellets as the Mk2 Pellet Maker,

only a lot faster (Around 3-4 pellets swaged a minute).  
and without the need of a vice.




Single Nomad kit...

Only... £130.00 


Double Nomad kit..

Excluding .30cal



Standard Weights:-

 .177 cal = 12 grain

.20 cal = 15 grain

.22 cal = 22 grain

.25 cal = 32 grain

.30 cal = 52 grain


Custom weights are available see Order Page for details...


***  Payment Is also possible by Bank Transfer,

contact me for details....  ***



To Order

please follow the onscreen instructions.

On The

How To Order Page

There is also a Currency Converter on there.


*** Safety When Working With Lead ***
Always Keep Away From Children And Pets,
Always Use In A Well Ventilated Area

(preferably Outside), As Lead Fumes Are Harmful To Health,
Always Wear Protective Clothes, Goggles, Gloves, Boots Etc. 
 Always Keep Molting Lead Pot At A Safe Working Distance.

In Case Of Spills  
Always Work On A  Stable Flat Surface.
Keep Away From Flammable Liquids, Gas Etc.

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