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Mk2 Pellet Maker

Please Note

Due to high demand,

 I have changed the way Orders are made...

Now no money is paid until

your order is ready to be made...

Mk2 Pellet Maker...

Only   £85+P&P

Take a look at my 

You Tube Channel

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Worldwide Shipping

**** Please Note!!! **** 
There will be a maximum order size of £500 per customer per month....


Standard Weights:-

 .177 cal = 12 grain

.20 cal = 15 grain

.22 cal = 22 grain

.25 cal = 32 grain


Custom weights are available, details on Ordering page


***  Payment Is also possible by Bank Transfer,

contact me for details....  ***

*** Safety When Working With Lead ***
Always Keep Away From Children And Pets,
Always Use In A Well Ventilated Area

(preferably Outside), As Lead Fumes Are Harmful to health,
Always Wear Protective Clothes, Goggles, Gloves, Boots Etc. 
 Always Keep Molting Lead Pot At A Safe Working Distance

In case Of Spills,  
Always Work On A Stable Flat Surface,
Keep Away From Flammable Liquids, gas Etc.

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