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How To Order...


I have made some Changes to the way

you order...


The New way to order is by simply filling in the  

Interest to Buy

Email below...

When I am ready to Make your order, I will Contact You by email and send you a PayPal Invoice, you will then have 48 hrs to make the payment If you still wish to go ahead and Purchase...

This Way your Payment is only taken when your order is ready to be made...


Standard Weights:-

 .177 cal = 12 grain

.20 cal = 15 grain

.22 cal = 22 grain

.25 cal = 32 grain

.30 cal = 52 grain


Custom Weights:- 

(You can choose to have a custom weight  Instead of the Standard weight)

(not in addition too).


£10 Extra.

   .177 cal- from - 9.5gr to 14gr

.20 cal -from - 12gr to 20gr 

.22 cal - from  - 17gr to 32g

  .25 cal - from - 25gr to 45gr 

*** Worldwide Shipping ***

is £25.00

Register an Interest to Buy...

Thanks! Message sent.


Single Nomad kits...

Only... £130.00 


Double Nomad kits...

Only... £215.00

Excluding .30cal 


Mk2 Pellet Maker...

Only... £85.00 

.30cal Not available

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