About Me

I am a bricklayer by trade...

I've always enjoyed woodworking & 


As the building trade had become so bad due to the recession,

I decided to give my other skills a go.

I invented the Mk1 in 2010,  and Made a YouTube video. Then people kept asking  me where they could get them from.

Then in March 2012, I started selling the updated Mk2 Pellet Maker.

In October 2012,  I came up with the improved Nomad Kit And I've been selling them ever since...
I have been inventing and making all sorts of things in my workshop, for many years from gun replacement parts, mods, knives, tools, food smokers, model steam engines etc....

About the Pellet Makers... 

All the items I make, are all handmade not mass produced, on a copy lathe. 

This tool swages  (To force into a die or dies) the pellets into a single die,

it makes them very consistent in weight and size. With ordinary waisted pellets, they are mass produced in lots of dies, cold swaged with lead wire, this can mean that some inclusions may contaminate the pellets during manufacture.  A tin of 500 pellets will have slight differences. With this tool you melt the lead directly into the mold, so even if the lead is dirty when its melted, all the grit and dirt  float on top of the lead and only clean pure lead drops into the mold producing cleaner pellets.
They are slower to make than mass produced pellets, but I think they are better quality.

These are not a mass produced tool.

I personally hand make and test everyone before I ship them out.

These Are Some Of The Comments I Have Received

For My Work...

Survival uk




Comment received

Hi Rob

The Nomad kit arrived today as you said. Many thanks.

I am a professional engineer and may I compliment you on the design, craftsmanship and quality of your Nomad kit. A very nicely engineered tool that makes me smile. I am impressed and very pleased indeed and cant wait to give it a go and see how they shoot. I am sure it will be a very satisfying experience and a much appreciated tool.

Many thanks and very best regards.





Comment received

Hi Rob

I have the pellet mould ect and my god what a piece of craftsmanship this is ,it’s a shame to use it it’s so well made I am gob smacked ..

 Thanks Ian

Comment received
Hi Rob,
Just a short e/mail to let you know the bits arrived in pristine condition.
My friend that is not a mold and tool it is ART!
Shame to use it ?
R. Hunter.

Comment received
I already have a .22 Nomad kit and it's awesome bought it back in 2012 and very happy with it, could you please let me know how much it would cost for just the SWAGER in .22 
Many Thanks Mr Bennett

Comment received  
Hello I just wanted to tell you I am very satisfied with your nomad pellet maker. Quality craftmanship is evident once you see the mold and the shipment was fairly quick. I took me just a few tries to have pellets able to make one hole groups with a Gamo delta fox at 10 m and I had a lot of fun doing them. I can hit a coke can at 50 m with my Gamo cfr no problem. Cheers Happy Holidays EQ

Airgun Pellet Maker (New Mk2) in .177-.20-.22-.25:
I have bought this swaging tool and the pellet mould 14grain cal.177(4,5mm).
Just made around 500 pellets that i shoot with my Smith & Wesson G79 and
Crosman 1377 air pistols,it works great!. Did try it in my Walther cp88 but they are to heavy for it,at least the 14 grain edition that i have is.
Good quality on both the tools and the pellets they makes.
Comment Left On Youtube

i ordered the kit one month ago and i could produce the first 45 pellets in a few minutes . Very good profile and quality, a must have for every airgun over 14 joules. i'll make a film on it when the weather will be good. When will you produce a "magic bullet" mold , like the bullets that Oswald used in 1963?
Comment Left On Youtube

Because of your mold I been able to make almost a thousand pellets over an hour thank you so much I can't express how much I appreciate the molds
Comment left on YouTube

Hello from accross the pond. Received the nomad kit about a week ago and am very happy with the quality. It took a couple dozen pellets to realize the key to quality pellets is to drive the ram completly home and angle the razor toward the tool to cut the skirt cleanly in one go rather than whittling away at it. Well made pellets are accurate and hard hitting. Washing the finished pellets in a bit of dish soap and warm water didn't seem to hurt eather. Thank again Paul
Comment I Received

Hi Rob Thank you for promped delivery of my nomad,and for your help I have used it and its great, I will recemend you to my friends.
Thanks again michael
Comment I Received

Hello Rob i have recived the nomad kit in 30 grain mod and i am pleased to inform you that the pellet's are explicitly good looking after swaging them . I have not yet to fire one but im shure they work fine joust by looking at them .

Many thanks Thomas Sweden.
Comment I Received

Hi Rob,

The NOMAD ROCKS..!!!!, Your product quality makes all the difference.. !!!
The pellets are incredible well balanced making a pleasure to shoot ..!!
I'll be happy to show up your product to my friends ..!!!


Carlos S
Comment I Received

Hallo Rob,

I’ve received your package yesterday in good order and already made 200 pellets.
I’m very pleased with the end result and also with the quality of the kit.
It’s certainly a 5 star rating and worth all the money.
I’ll will recommend the kit to other members of the gun club so you never know.
By the way, thanks for the fast delivery.
I at least thought it would take a couple of weeks.

With kind regards,

E. Verwoert
The Netherlands
Comment I Received

I purchased your mold about a year and a half ago I think it was the Mark 2. I have been very pleased with it.
If I were to purchase one of your multiple pellet molds would I be able to use my original mold to swage the pellets?
Comment I Received

Hello again.

Got the tools today,and i have just made my first 200 pellets.
Im in the prosess of swaging them now,and im really pleased
with the result.
Really good worksmanship on the tools..well done!

Thanks, Børge W.
Comment I Received

Hi Rob,
Just made new order for the BRILLIANT NOMAD could i have this order in .177 please,
Many Thanks,
Comment I Received

Dear Rob
 Today i got a items.
 Thanks for your great mould Quality.
 Next time I will buy .22 pellet maker.
Best regards
SH Kim
Comment I Received

Hi Rob,

I received the multi pellet mould today. The mould quality is excellent. This is my second order.

Comment I Received

Dear Rob,
I have recently received your pellet maker MK2 in .177 and i love how simple and effective it is. The workmanship is truly spectacular.
The pellets grouped well with my diana air pistol and weihrauch air rifle. I also apreciate your prompt responses and patience. Thank you so much for your time and excellent product.

Comment I Received

Got the nomad kit yesterday afternoon tested today all is good and tiptop.
Thanks very much buddy.
Warmest regards

Comment I Received

Hi Rob
Have received my .22 NOMAD Kit today 04/12/12 and very pleased with it, the design and construction of it is brilliant, haven't used it yet, but looking forward to, delivery was out of this world very quick service, very pleased.
Mr M Bennett
Comment I Received

Rob, I bought one of your .25cal pellet kits and I love it.
Question, do you sell just the swag tool? Id like to buy additional swag tools for the .25 cal 

Please advise the price for a mark 2 in .177 cal, shipped to Australia. Please advise what the finished pellet weight is in grains. I would prefer somewhere between 8 and 9.5 grain if this is practical. I will definitely order if it falls close to my requirements. A friend has one of your older molds and swager and I love the CONSISTENCY he gets from shot to shot. Well done on a brilliantly made product. As you say, mass produced pellets are prone to way too much variation.

Thanks heaps,
L.S ( Australia)

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